Reach further, get farther with Highnote.

Clinical puzzles arise, get discussed, but are rarely captured. Only the few who hear it have a chance to chime in. The number of colleagues within reach is no match for the number of potential questions. With Highnote, hard questions can find the right answer.

Highnote creates more harmony, less noise.

When a solution to a problem is found, it is usually shared with just a few people. It’s not that the doctor doesn’t want to share it, she just hasn’t had a good way, until now. Every time she posts a solution or helpful comment on Highnote, it can get an upvote, which allows the best answers to gain visibility. 

Highnote helps us all top the charts.

Think of all the time colleagues could save instead of retracing the steps it took to get to a solution. Consider how much faster we could get to an answer if we all worked together. This perpetual stream of knowledge can now rise to the top and help more patient problems end on a Highnote.